APC Convention: Uncertainty Trail Zoning As Yari Picks Chairmanship Form

Former Governor of Zamfara State, Senator Abdulazeez Yari, has today picked nomination form for the chairmanship position despite being zoned to the North-Central by the party.

We could recalled that the APC, in the zoning formula released last week, had zoned national chairmanship position of the party to the North-Central, but in what appeared like a defiant move to party’s dictate, the former Zamfara state governor, Yari, who hails from North-West, claimed that the position was zoned to the North and he is also from North.

While speaking, the leader of the delegation that picked the form with sum of N20m for Yari, Senator Tijani Yahaya Kaura, said issues around the party’s zoning formula remains unsettled.

“As far as we are concerned their are contending issues concerning zoning. First of all, we are fully aware that the national chairmanship has been zoned to the north and the presidency has been zoned to the South. As you are aware that all positions of the party that were hitherto in the south will go to the north. Zamfara being in the north is well qualify.

“We are very ready for the convention come 26th, Yari being one of the founding fathers of this great party and has contributed immensely and greatly to the betterment and welfare of this party. He is ready to lead the party and will not allow it to die”

“What the party needs now is a unifier. This was a party which was formed by the coming together of many parties. If care is not taken, the party will be so divided but Yari as a founding father is here to ensure that the party does not disintegrate,” Kaura said.

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