Kwara Poly Rector Urge Students to Face Academic Career, Warns Against Breakdown of Peace


    The Rector of the Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, Dr Jimoh Mohammed Abdul has urged the students of the institution to desist from activities that have no bearing on their academic careers.

    The Rector, made the call during a meeting with the Students Union executive to counsel them on the negative effects of their proposed extension of the academic calendar, stressing that a day extension would affect their National Youths Service.

    Abdul said, “the signing out” you are demanding the Management to allow you doing does not have any basis in the constitution of SUG, nor the Students Handbook or any regulation that guide your affairs in the Polytechnic.

    Warned that “The security situation presently in the metropolis does not favour a gathering of a large numbers of students on campus.

    Said “the management can only allow the signing out Programme on a departmental basis.

    “Any department that finishes its exams can do the signing out in their department.

    He also says that the extension of the academic calendar for the 2 weeks the students union is requesting, is not realistic, and stated that it will affect their National youth’s service.

    “The Polytechnic does not have any influence on the mobilization of students, and the NYSC has timetables for their mobilization.”

    The Rector, therefore, asked the Students Union executive to write an undertaking to that effect, noting that the students Union executive will bear the consequences that arise from their actions.

    Reacting to the advice, the President of Kwara State Polytechnic Students union executive, Senator Ibrahim Babatunde Korede insisted that the Management should extend the academic calendar for a week, noting that the extension would allow them to finish their research projects before the exams.

    Korede also stressed that the signing out event is a funfair for the student’s pleasure and it will make them relax small from academic stress.


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