His Excellency,
    Dr. Nyesom Wike
    The Executive Governor of River State
    Government House, Port Harcourt.

    Your Excellency sir,


    Hope this meets you well Sir. I am a lifetime Democrat, a member of the People’s Democratic party (PDP) and one of your numerous supporters who remain proud of your achievements as a state Governor, your transformation of Rivers state, and your commitment to our great party in general.

    Without doubt, you have been, and remain a blessing to the PDP without whose support and sacrifices, the party may have gone into extinction. You have helped in no small way to help PDP withstand the brutal onslaught, harassment and even persecution of our members by the clueless APC government. The result is that today, average Nigerians look up to the PDP for salvation from the insecurity of lives and properties, endless borrowing and burdensome debts, inflation, high fuel prices and scarcity of other petroleum products etc , to which APC has endlessly subjected Nigerians for almost 8 years of Buhari’s maladministration.

    In the light of President Buhari and APC woeful performance for past 7 years, God has imposed on you and other leaders of PDP the duty to provide purposeful leadership for the country and rise above petty personal sentiments in order to rescue Nigeria and restore its glorious past for the sake of future generations. This duty cannot and must not be taken lightly sir.

    The PDP is blessed with great leaders of which you are one. We equally have highly educated, patriotic and knowledgeable men of integrity seeking to be President come 2023. One of them is Alhaji Atiku Abubakar who has no doubt become an household name in the country for a number of different reasons. Many of us have also repeatedly supported his candidacy each election circle but we strongly believe that the time has come for us to allow others, especially younger candidates to fly the flag of the party in 2023. With Alhaji Atiku, voters’ apathy and boredom have so much developed to the extent that his candidacy no longer elicit the type of enthusiasm it used to enjoy in the past.

    With due respect sir, it is safe to say that PDP effectively has three great Presidential candidates from which to choose for the 2023 general election. These are, Governor Aminu Tambuwal, Senator Bukola Saraki and Governor Bala Mohammed. No doubt, any of them will be a better President that the current occupant of the seat, but only Senator Bukola Saraki stands out with potentials to be a truly transformational President which Nigeria desperately needs at this time crucial time in our history. It is not my intent to list those qualities possessed by the former Senate President to make him best suited for the job because you presumably know each of these aspirants even better than most of us. You will however agree with me sir, that in name recognition, appeal to cross section of Nigerian nationalities, wisdom, needed courage, knowledge of key issues and ability to communicate fluently, Saraki remains our best presidential Candidate come 2023.

    Excellency sir, with your past sacrifices and rebuilding efforts for the PDP, your name will be written in gold when PDP comes from the wilderness to once again restore hope to the hopeless masses and chat a new path for the country. This you can do by pitching your tent with a marketable presidential product as Senator Bukola Saraki who is already, a thorn in the flesh for Bola Tinubu and APC, as well as being the only candidate the Nigerian youths are rooting for. Saraki already epitomizes opposition to bad governance of Buhari’s government and a rallying point for every patriotic Nigerian who believed that the country is not only headed in wrong direction but also faces existential threat under continued APC administration.

    Many believed that PDP lost the last presidential election because the candidate did not enjoy your full support. This time must be different. Hence the need to seek your early support for Bukola Saraki, the candidate best positioned to defeat the party that has brought untold hardship upon Nigerians in the past seven years. You are a shining star who has done so much for PDP but always remember sir, that “the past is a history told, the future could be written in gold”. Your support for this candidate is a support for a new beginning for Nigeria.

    Thank you for your service to our party, thank you for your patriotism and overall commitment to good governance and the rule of law for which PDP is known and committed.

    Yours truly,

    Nika Ebony


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