PDP, a drowning party playing the Ostrich on its inglorious past


    By Bashir Adigun

    The Kwara State Peoples Democratic Party has once again proven to be shameless with the defence of its years of corruption and impunity while in office.

    We read the attempt by the main opposition party to denigrate the ruling Government’s advertisement for admission of students into the International Vocational, Technical & Entrepreneurship College (IVTEC), describing it as one of its infrastructural development while in office.

    This is one of the several attempts by these looters masquerading as Messiahs to hoodwink Kwarans ahead of the General elections next year.
    These characters who pillaged our state and humiliated our people by turning many into beggers, supervised the collapse of technical colleges throughout the State.

    Technical Colleges were part of the vision of the founding fathers of the State to ensure sound foundation for a technnological development which is the strength of advanced countries today.

    They abandoned the vision of our founding fathers on technical colleges , yet they refused to fund the IVTEC to have any positive impact on the youths ,using the Institute to milk the State dry .
    We also read the frantic attempt by men of yesterday to beat its chest for the establishment of the aviation College.

    We are aware of the promise made by PDP to ensure that every Local Government sponsor at least a student to the School, this never happened until they left office. Instead, what we witnessed was the stealing of Aircraft belonging to the College and misappropriated the fund paid by Organisations like the Nigerian Airforce and the Navy which signed agreement for training of their personnel

    These rogues also looted and shared the common patrimony of the state such as Government houses and Lands within and outside the State.
    It is on record that the PDP government left schools, hospitals and Primary health centres dilapidated while their leader and Appointees lived in affluence throughout their tenure.
    Despite leaving the State in huge debt, the PDP government embarked on propaganda with claims that it completed the two campuses of the State University in Kwara North and South
    The Shonga Farm is another fraud by the PDP Government.The PDP government created the impression that the farm was the best to have happened to the State but unknown to the public , it has not only sold some of the farms without record of transactions but all the white farmers brought from Zimbabwe have left the state except one who was left behind as a scarecrow on the farm.

    We urge the people of Kwara to be wary of these men trying to disguise as angels with the approach of another General elections.
    These are the men who did not have respect for the dignity of our people by owing them for several months, refused to pay pensions and gratuities of retirees.

    They turned our men and women into beggers on the streets and Motor Parks in the state
    Even with the propaganda, many Kwarans have discovered that these men are looters whose sole motive is to return and continue to dip their hands in the till while the people live in abject poverty.

    Bashir Adigun
    Special Adviser, Political Communications to the Kwara State Governor.


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