Philanthropist Calls For More Support For Traditional Institution

A philanthropist, Mallam Yakub Olayiwola Gobir, has backed recent Senate call on the need to strengthen and support traditional institutions in the country especially at this time of heightened insecurity and economic hardship.

“The institution is closer to the people and in these days of insecurity, poverty and so on, it is important to carry the traditional institution along,” he told a group of newsmen in Gambari, a historical community in Ilorin where he also presented a gift of a spanking new space bus car of Hunda brand to the Imam of Gambari, Sheik Sulaiman Abdulaziz.

The Imam is the paramount cleric in Gambari, a major ward that makes up the Ilorin Emirate.

Speaking further on the signifance of the traditional institutions in the state and country, Mallam Gobir argued that the role of the traditional institution is critical to the survival of the country itself.

“The traditional institution predates the country call Nigeria”

“If you know the history of Ilorin very well, you will know the significance of this very location in our history. This location and this road in front of us is actually where Ilorin started”

“For those who do not know, this very location and this community is where we welcomed the Fulani into Ilorin”

“we met other tribes here. But of course, Ilorin is a melting pot of all traditions and we happen to be part of that melting pot and the traditional institution has been there from the very beginning”

“The traditional institution has always been the closest to the community,” he said.

Asked if he would like to see a tinkering with the laws to allow for more statutory support for the traditional institutions in the country, Gobir said that the structure already exists but that paucity of funds is affecting its administration.

“The structure for taking care of these traditional institutions exists but there is paucity of funds to really help implement their programs”

“It is quite unfortunate that the country is going through trying times and now and there is very little funds available to assist the institutions in this regard,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sheik Abdulaziz, beneficiary of the car gift has been profused with gratitude over the gesture from Gobir.

“I am very happy and full of joy for the kind gesture of giving me a vehicle. The car comes at the time I need it most.

“May Almighty Allah provide him with his hearts desire,” the cleric said.

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