Tax Assessments for NAPPS, Others Still As Inherited From Days of Board of Internal Revenue – KW-IRS


    The Management of Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) is dismayed at the unfair and untrue claims by NAPPS that the agency is imposing double taxation on its members, introducing new taxes, or blocking them from registering their students for external examinations. These claims are false and unfortunate.

    The Service operates based on its establishment law and global best standards. Between 2019 and now, KW-IRS has not introduced any new tax to NAPPS, any corporate body, or individuals. For the avoidance of doubt, tax assessments for NAPPS and others are still as inherited from the days of Board of Internal Revenue (BIR). Rates on land charges for each school, of course, depend on their individual landed property sizes, year of acquisition, use, location and other variables that are clearly stated in the law and (now) listed in one single document for ease. No new item has been added. The Service has, in fact, asked NAPPS to report anyone who approaches them to pay for anything other than had long been the norm.

    It is to be noted that while many members of NAPPS are up to date in their revenue payment, quite a number of them have arrears to pay till date. It is the global best practice that access to certain public services is tied to the tax status of the customers. Since the days of BIR, NAPPS members have always been required to present their evidence of tax payment while registering their students for external examinations. It is therefore unfair for NAPPS to present such a requirement as a new policy under this administration. It is not.

    Regardless, the Service has asked NAPPS members that are not up to date in their tax obligations to submit their payment plans (a roadmap) as they proceed with registering their students. This was one of the issues discussed at our last meeting of Thursday January 5, 2023. We believe this is fair enough. In fact, this gesture is not available in many other States. Tax payment is an obligation on every taxable citizen and organisations. That is the only sustainable way that the government gets revenue to serve the public.

    The KW-IRS does not have the power to stop a statutory obligation, which tax payment is. Where a taxpayer suspects a wrong or unfair assessment, they have the right to seek a review. This is a right that KW-IRS accords everyone while amicable resolution is found.

    KW-IRS enjoys excellent relationship with NAPPS and its other publics. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Service, with the approval of His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kwara State, extended 30% tax waivers to NAPPS and many other bodies to help them cope with the situation.

    The Service appeals to NAPPS and other corporate bodies to continue to work with it as the statutory body set up to mobilise resources for the development of the State and welfare of the citizens. In doing so, the Service makes sure that everyone is treated fairly and in accordance with the law.

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