2023 Political Aspiration: Why Are Governor AbdulRazaq’s Appointees Resigning in Drove

By Abubakar IDRIS.

For the first time, I felt bad (even though he deserves no such pity) for the Governor of Kwara State, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq over the rush hour resignation of his political appointees to contest for various political posts in 2023 general elections.

I am seeing this with one lens to view two likely possibilities (1) a referendum on the governor’s performance, ability, competency and/or complexity (2) Selfish drive of these appointees to abandon the governor to his political struggle with them confirming that the governor has no hope of winning the second term. As an outside, we might not know much about what is happening inside but these people do not have to leave without a reason, cogent or selfish.

I have heard several rumours and facts have confirmed that, even though these appointees do jamborees to impress the governor in the open, they say worst things behind him. Some of them have complained about the governor’s solo administrative style and eccentric behaviors. I have heard a complaint where a Commissioner described the governor “as ignorant and difficult” , referring to a situation where the governor asked the aide to send an official memo through WhatsApp communication.

It is alarming that more than 20 State Executive Council members including Ten Commissioners and several other SSAs and SAs have either resigned or planning to do so. The question will be, why would these officials be resigning in droves and abandoning a first term governor who probably appointed them for them to assist him not only in his governance but to help in his bid for the second term. He must have trusted the wrong people who have “used” him and “dumped” him after bringing them to political lime light.

It is a political irony that a first term governor who is struggling to win a second tenure will be struggling to keep his aides to stay with him. This also begs for another question if not even a confirmation – these individuals are selfish and only care about themselves alone. They don’t give a “sh…t” about the governor. They seem to have lost hope in the governor’s bid for second term and they are trying to avoid being in the “sinking” ship along with the governor. Poor AA.

I doubt if we have ever experienced this kind of strange political moves before where a first term governor seeking a second tenure “so badly” will be left in the wood at the eleventh hour of his political mobilization by his foot soldiers. Ironically, some of these guys are hoping that the governor will endorse them to be the flag bearers of the various positions they are jostling for. I have never experienced such an irony. Strange but funny. Let’s see how smart the governor is if he will still allow these snitches yo ride on his fear.

I may not blame those desperate individuals much as I will blame the governor himself – he failed to identify and match loyalty with commitment and competency, he appointed the least best for whatever reason and he would be the victim of his own terrible poor judgement.

As a soldier (political beneficiary), the worst you can do to your General (benefactor) is to leave him in the war front in the middle of a serious onslaught from the enemies. This is especially difficult for the governor when the opposition is gaining ground each day. This is enough to depress the governor and make him feel defeated even before the contest.

When you give favours to undeserving people on the platter of sentiment and inferiority complex, this is what you get. It is even surprising to note that two or three people from this same government would be contesting for the same position and they are all wishing that the governor endorses them.

Infact, this is a referendum on the governor and it goes along way to say that the governor might not have been doing well afterall, contrary to what they have been feeding the public. Anyway, make I mind my business, wetin concern agbero with overload.

Author: Abubakar IDRIS.

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