2023 Polls: LP Nat’l Chair seeks rejection of Unrepentant Political Traders in APC, PDP

The National Chairman of the Labour Party, LP, Barrister Julius Abure, has called on Nigerians not to once again be deceived and wrongly guided into delivering another round of mandates of mistakes to the unrepentant and hardened political traders in the APC and PDP.

Barrister Julius, caution Nigerians via a press statement signed by him and made available to this medium today said “as the servant leader of Nigeria Pro Masses and Pro-Poor Political party in Nigeria (Labour Party) humbly and painstakingly want to strongly and seriously caution Nigerians to be much more careful in using their votes in 2023,

“it is very needful and dutiful for every patriotic , informed , exposed and knowledgeable Nigerians to exert all resources at their disposal at educating all voters towards growing a more decisive and stronger freedom of character when using our votes in 2023 to ensure a much better and profitable future.

“It has become very important and very dutiful for everyone who desires for our Nation, a better, focused and citizen friendly Leadership in Governance to do all that are right and needful to get others educated on why the oppressors and political slave-drivers, the political treasury looters, the gang of selfish Goliaths and the political hardened monopolists, who have been rotating Governance among themselves, their biological and their political families in the last 23 years, they are the ever-migrating Political immigrants in the APC and the PDP, they must be firmly rejected at the polls in 2023 to give to Nigeria, the freedom to begin to grow and begin to develop.

“Must Nigerians be once again pushed, deceived and be wrongly guided into delivering another round of mandates of mistakes to the unrepentant and hardened political traders in the APC and PDP ?. Clearly the answer is “NO” in red.

“The one and only problem of Nigeria is wrong election of Leaders into the Government ,but now an opportunity has come to use our votes to elect the Leaders we ought to deserve , through the one and only credible Party , that can be trusted.

“Considering the fact that every APC and PDP 2-in- one Governments in the last 24years have ruled with grievous impunity. These power – rotating State Governance monopolists have at each opportunity in Governance ruled recklessly and insensitively with of course the ignorant political permissiveness and support of the largely uninformed part of the people.

“The APC and PDP Political Merchants jumping from APC to PDP at every election year have nothing to offer Nigerians other than pains and continuous sorrow and gnashing of teeth through their treasury looting and of course lack of transparency in Governance.

“For Nigerians, the last 23 years of maladministration of our democratic Governance have been so devastating to the emotions of the People. Hence it is quite timely and so much right for the people to see the Labour Party as the Political Messiah in the next election.

“Labour Party is standing very true and more focused and committed to bringing succour to this over abused Nation of Ours. A single vote can of course make a far great difference in the attempt to change the current state of negative and avoidable bad Governance and its attendant negative consequences on the citizens.

“Everyone should be readily persuaded to vote for Labour Party in 2023 to earn the right to a Nigeria of true peace, convincing security, regular and adequate power supply, efficiently working refineries where verifiable transparency will be entrenched, a united new Nigeria where strikes and Labour disputes will be quickly and satisfactorily attended to , a new Nigeria where the school calendar will not be troubled or disrupted ,a new Nigeria where the interests of the Citizenry is paramount.

“Now is the time to be part of the move and March towards a new Nigeria of plenty with the one and only alternative political party, the Labour Party. You can do it, we can do it together” the statement reads.

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