Abe accuses Wike of plotting to frustrate opposition from challenging polls’ outcome

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Governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Rivers State, Senator Magnus Abe, has told Governor Nyesom Wike that acceptability or rejection from the electorate are tested through free, fair and credible election and not through rigging and intimidation of voters.

He said there were deliberate plots to frustrate opposition political parties from challenging the outcome of the just-concluded governorship election in the state.

Abe, who spoke on a live radio programme monitored in Port Harcourt, the state capital, was responding to comments made by Governor Wike at an event in Gokana Local Aovernment area on Tuesday, when he claimed that the senator has been rejected by the people.

The SDP governorship candidate said: “I heard that the Rivers State Governor was in Gokana where he said that my people have rejected me. I think the only way to find out who the people accept or reject is by allowing an election where every single person is free to vote and every vote is counted.

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“When we have that kind of election, I think the governor will have more respect among his people in Obio-Akpor because he will find out that there are people whose opinion are different from his.”

Insisting that the clash between supporters and members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) was uncalled for, Abe wondered why a group of people who claim to have won election and were declared winners, will be preventing others from getting materials that will aid them in challenging the outcome of the polls.

He said: “In this country, going to court is one of the constitutional rights of our citizens and it is part of our electoral process. If you are not satisfied with the process, it is part of expressing your displeasure over the process.

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“What I want to say is that after the election, I decided to be guided in my responses because no matter how the process is unacceptable to you, there are constitutional and accepted legal processes that you should follow.

“As one of the leaders of the state, one cannot be seen to be saying things that seems to imply that you are not following the constitutional processes or act outside the Constitution. So, I restrained my comment and tried to find out what exactly happened across that state.

“We set up a committee, we did our research and we have collated our report. We have written to INEC requesting for those documents that were used in the election and used in the declaration. But we have not been able to get the materials we are looking for. INEC said they are working on our request.

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“What is happening is that people are deliberately trying to frustrate those who want to go to court to challenge the election outcome. I can say that the drama between the PDP and the APC, in my opinion is uncalled for.

“If you won the election and you have been declared winner, a lot of people are of the opinion that for the credibility of the election, people who are aggrieved over the outcome of the election should be allowed to go to court. So, to use all kinds of underhand tactics to frustrate the process is unacceptable.”

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