Bishop Urges Government To Create Enabling Environment For Businesses To Thrive

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Government at all levels have been urged to create enabling environment for job creation to ensure better economic prosperity in the country.

The Bishop of Diocese of Kwara (Anglican Communion) and Chairman Christian Association of Nigeria,Kwara State branch, Right Reverend Sunday Adewole made the call while delivering his Christmas Sermon tittle “Bohold The King ” at the Cathedral of St -Barnabas ,Sabo- Oke Ilorin.

He said government should make provisions for the citizens to farm or venture into private enterprise to make them self reliant.

Right Reverend Adewole advised Christians and other Nigerians to shun laziness and work hard to feed their families.

According to him the era of searching for white-collar Job has gone, adding that everyone needs to start a trade before it is too late.

He advised Christians to have faith in God and serve him with all sincerity.

Right Reverend Adewole assured them that God would change the situation in the country for the better.

He urged Christians to live their life in conformity with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

He said ” You know A king is a ruler over a kingdom when we are celebrating Jesus Christ, we are celebrating the kingdom of God and he is the ruler over that kingdom, it is expedited for the subject to acclimatize themselves to their ruler to love him and to serve him these are the message of hope we are bringing to everybody, to a Christian throughout the whole world that they should behold their king the one that came and died for them, he came as a savior, he is coming back as a church. We beg each and everyone of the believers to please live their lives in conformity to this King so that they can be part of that kingdom when he tarries. It is through we are passing through a very hard time in our country but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Christ has the ability he can bring message out of our mess, if we rely on him, if we believe in him, if we serve him, he will change our fortune and things will work well for us not only individual but as a nation.

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“Next year everybody should not be lazy, they should pray for the government, they should do whatever they can do to have their living not waiting for white collar jobs. People should do one thing or the other to feed their family so that when we do that banditary, armed robbery will be minimal the government on their part, should try as much as possible to provide an enabling environment for those that are willing to work either in the farm settlement or in their private enterprises with this our country will be better

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In his remarks shortly after the church service, the deputy governor of Kwara State, Mr Kayode Alabi advised Christians and other Nigerians to love one another and live in peace.

He urged the youths to shun all anti-social vices and remain law-abiding.

He said” Birth of Jesus Christ as we know comes with peace, love, and faith at this point I want us to do what we have to do to love one another and to live in peace as a country, as a state we should put our faith in God not in man God will sort us out in the name of Jesus Christ. Let us love God the author and finisher of our faith so that next year will be better than this year in the name of Jesus Christ on behalf of my boss the Governor of Kwara State AbdulRahman AbdulRazak I want to say happy Christmas to everyone of us and happy New Year too. May the Lord bless everyone of us.

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I want to tell the whole people in this country, in the state love one another another and live in peace. We should put our faith in God not in man God will sort us out in the name of Jesus Christ. I pray that we live in peace and we love one another so that the country can move forward.

I want to urge the youth to look up to Jesus Christ and have a good character of Jesus Christ not of man so that the country can move forward.

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