Bukola Saraki fan writes open letter to him

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Saraki, Those who ganged up against you even when they knew you meant well for this Nation have started falling one by one,

They put in many efforts to ensure you are out of office as Nigerian Senate President but you successfully completed your tenure as the Senate president of this country.

One of them who has never appreciated your good work for humanity and launched series of media attacks agianst your personality was recently removed out of office as Director General of National Broadcasting Commission (NBC)because of 2.5 billion naira digital switch over deal and Just yesterday Comrade Oshiomale the APC national Chairman who vowed to remove you as Senate president received with rude shock the court of Appeal judgement affirming his suspension as the APC National Chairman.

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Come to Kwara state here”Asaro Elepo RedeRede”(Yam Pottage)is what has been causing problem among those who lied against you that you are taking two billion naira  monthly from the state allocation even when they forgot to remember that you and your father did give them Isu (tubers of Yam )and Epo(litres of Palm Oil) to cook the Asaro in their respective homes when they were nobody.

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@Dr.Abubakar Bukola Saraki, we know you have your own flaws but non of them is more passionate about the progress of this country than you.

ABS Sir, *Nura Muhammad* is one of those who are missing you

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