Dabiri-Erewa reveals reason Nig traders in Ghana are being maltreat, says two suicide attempted traders are undergoing therapy

 Dabiri-Erewa reveals reason Nig traders in Ghana are being maltreat, says two suicide attempted traders are undergoing therapy

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The Chairman of the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) Abike Dabiri-Erewa has dismissed the reports that the major reason Nigerian traders in Ghana are being maltreatment is because Nigeria also close its land borders and make inter-country business transaction difficult.

Dabiri-Erewa expressed this while appearing on Channels Television programme, ‘Sunrise daily’ said the clamp down on Nigerian traders has nothing to do with borders closure by Nigeria government.

We could recall that the Ghana authorities is still insisting that Nigeria traders in the country must pay $1 million,  if they want to continue their trading in the country and as result they locked all shops operating by Nigerian that could not pay the requested money. 

According to Abike, Ghana’s treatment of Nigerian traders was based on a complex of not being able to compete favourably with Nigerian. Adding that the issue had been going on for years, long before Nigeria decided to close its borders.

Dabiri-Erewa said; “They are not the same thing actually. There’s a reason borders were closed. You can not be bringing in small arms as well as ammunition and all that and Nigeria will not take action”

“We are talking of people that have been living in your country, working very well for years. Now, I’ll ask you something; if it has to do with the borders, why didn’t they send away the big industries in Ghana?

“We have six banks in Ghana. Why didn’t they tell them to leave, if they are afraid of border closure? There is ongoing project of gas pipeline to Ghana, why don’t you cut it off?

“I think it boils down to this lack of trust and some kind of complex because these Nigerian traders sell their goods at cheaper prices; you know Nigerians are very industrious”

“So, the reality is that the Ghanaian traders say it is really difficult to compete with the Nigerian traders”

“This thing has been on for years. In New York, three years ago, Mr President took up the matter with the Ghanaian President, and he also said they are sorry about it and will open the shops”

“Then they opened and also closed again, to their whims and caprices. I’m sure you will agree with me that we can’t continue like this,” Dabiri-Erewa said.

Meanwhile, she disclosed that the two affected Nigerian traders who recently attempted suicide are presently undergoing therapy.

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