Dubai Police confirms seizure of N16billion cash from Hushpuppi and his gangs

 Dubai Police confirms seizure of N16billion cash from Hushpuppi and his gangs

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The police authority in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has confirmed that they recovered over 150 million dirhams, equivalent to 16 billion Naira in cash during a special search on the apartments of some Nigerians living in that country.

Ramon Abbas and Olalekan Ponle, widely known as Hushpuppi and Woodberry, respectively, and their alleged crew of 10 other Nigerians were the target of the June 10 operation tagged “Fox Hunt 2”, officials said.

Added that 12 people were arrested all together and they are in custody, in which they will remained till after their investigation, before they charged them to court, Dubai police authority said.

“We seized more than Dh150 million in cash from them and confiscated 13 luxury cars worth Dh25 million,” Dubai police chief, Jamal Salem Al Jallaf told the city’s major daily.

A video circulated online by Dubai authorities said officers confiscated 21 computers, 47 mobile phones, 15 memory sticks and five hard disks containing 119,580 in alleged fraud files.

A total of 1,926,400 victims were said to have been targeted by the syndicate in a scheme that spanned several months.

13 luxury cars estimated to be worth over 25 million dirhams (N2.6 billion) were also seized from the gang.

They were accused of being involved in business email compromise and other forms of Internet fraud. The raid has been touted by Emirati authorities as a major breakthrough in their fight against cybercrimes.

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