#EndSars: An open letter to Buhari, Sanwoolu and others

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By Abubakar Chinonso, Segun Adesokan

This is just the beginning!

We acknowledge the fact that, as a government, you’re duty bound to instill normalcy and orderliness, just as declared by you with the 24-hour indefinite curfew on the State, due to rising cases of escalated violence by sponsored thugs, paid by several elements within your government; to vandalize and discredit our peaceful protests.

We remain resolute, undeterred, unshakeable and unbroken despite momentary set backs as a result of the rising chaos.

Curfew or no curfew, military deployment, we’re still winning and we dare to announce to government at all levels that the nationwide emancipation being witnessed is a project whose time has come. Expect more shocker.

Before now, we have conducted ourselves orderly, peacefully and responsibly as we won the heart of many within the country and in diaspora through our different efficiently organized public campaigns, distributed materials and officially documented positions to the government.

While some of the demands are being addressed, some have been deliberately pushed aside, hence the continued protest.

At most of our locations where protest is being held, we made available on-the-spot medic team and caregivers in differnt ambulances, we constituted a team of professionals lawyers, of the best legal minds whose job is to facilitate the unconditional release of our members wrongfully detained.

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Food, drinks, data distribution and other essential consumables were distributed without a whiff of scandal. Our response to distress calls are adjudged to be unprecedented and sterling.

Our fundraising were very transparent and accountable as every penny and kobo spent were accounted for, unlike how our Minster for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster couldn’t account for distribution of Covid-19 relief fund, despite the Billions donated by eminent Nigerians.

We have walked tall as we also refused to be bought over by politicians, as we have turned down all their monetary advances meant to induce us to silence, neither did we allow any politician to speak on any of our podiums.

We speak peace and exude sane civility, in all our engagements. We are peaceful protesters who are children of nobody, having no one to plead our cause.

#EndSARS is never about politics, but a determined resolve to live, stay alive, thrive and prosper as an ambitious youth in a global digital age like, our contemporaries in other sane and organized countries of the world, which are even far below Nigeria in wealth. We also want to compete favorable with the rest of the world especially now that 21st century global economy is knowledge based and internet driven.

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We have shown undying commitment and resolve never to be dissuaded or caught up in the web of ethnicity, religion, tribal suspicion and other mundane sentiments of the past, which had held our heroes past bound. We are not asking for too much: we are asking that you reform the system and the environment under which we operate by making it enabling; devoid of killing, intimidation, insecurity, brutality, nepotism, incompetence and lack of human capital investment on we your youths.

Despite the validity in our demands and refusal to be silenced, your paid thugs have liked close to 19 of our beloved friends, sons and fathers; your very own citizen!!

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If your government feels intimidated by our administrative excellence and our compelling civic mobilization with which we’ve deployed to hold you accountable for your years of misrule and neglect, insensitivity and irresponsibility then we owe all of you no apology.

This is just the beginning. The mental revolution has just begun. We will continue to #SoroSoke

We die here!!!

Instead of unleashing thugs to discredit us, they should rather come and learn how were able to peacefully conduct ourselves and accountably distributed funds at our disposal, without the blows, punches and mace stealing, which had characterized our different houses of Assembly and National Assembly.

A government and political leadership that sponsors thugs, killers, arsonists and criminals to disrupt peaceful protests and its youths should never be trusted to effect positive changes neither can they offer Nigerian youths the much anticipated reforms being clamored for nationwide.

We are not intimidated!

No Retreat, No Surrender!!

Abubakar Chinonso Segun Adesokan

I’m a proud protester.

Kingly share if you’re proud to be one.

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