#ENDSARS protests justified unlike looting, Thuggery – Prof Oladosu

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Renowned Islamic cleric, Professor AbdulGaniy Abdus- Salam Oladosu popularly known as AGAS has said that killer policeman in the disbanded Special Anti Robbery Squad SARS, and those who ordered Lekki killings, as well killers of policeman forfeit world and hereafter if they dont repent and show remorse before death catches up with them.

Oladosu said this while delivering his monthly  tafsir session held at GRA, Ilorin which coincided with the Maulid Nabiy holiday on Thursday , October 29, 2020.

He noted that the demands of the young Nigerins who protested against police brutality and bad governance were genuine noting that it is sad that the feeling of escaping an harsh environment for a better one which he and members of his generation had while leaving to study almost half a century ago is even more pronounced among those traveling out in the current generation, saying that this reality reflects badly on the current as well as past political leadership of the country.

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The cleric-don whose exegesis session centered on chapter 103 of the Quran titled Asri or ‘Time’ in English noted that the short chapter  has always been relevant for a century and a half.

Oladosu added that the verse talks about losers and current events in the nation shows that we have a generation of losers in looters and murderers, who are doomed for eternal damnation if they don’t repent.

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He noted that “You may claim to protest if aggreved , but what do we say of stealing. If you are protesting are you protesting at Shoprite mall and Femtec shop, do you want to eat TVs and electronics? Going by th content of Wal asri, many muslims are acting against the teaching of their faith , a testimony to failed governance at home and at elected levels. We are all in a state of loss across except we retrace our steps. For those who loot shops and engage in Thuggery and brigandage, their is another agenda apart from end to SARS and hunger. “

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He noted that some looters have already realised they are losers after realising that they stole expired items while some lost items with better value to the ones they stole.

He concluded the lecture by noting that those who will not lose ultimately are those who are faithful and confirm their true belief with their atitude, habits and the way they react to distress. He also noted that those who will not lose the hereafter tell themselves the truth and remain steadfast in patience, even in the face of temptations.

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