#EndSARS Protests: Your Pinnacle Global Initiative Mourns Fallen Heroes, Offers Support Service

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The Chief Executive Officer and Management team of ‘Your Pinnacle Global Initiative’ has expressed sadness over how some Nigerians lost their lives while staging peaceful protests in demanding for an end to police brutality and good governance from those in the position of authorities in the country.

This mourning statement was signed by the CEO of the organization, Maria Temitope Edunsin and made available to the press.

Statement reads in part “My fellow Nigerian youths, it is with a heavy and bleeding heart that I write not exactly sure there are words to relay our feelings right now. It is not news that the current situation in Nigeria is very pathetic, ludicrous, dictatorial unjust and traumatising”

“Our so-called leaders have actively taken a stand against humanity. We only asked for one thing not for jobs which we need, not for proper healthcare, education or even basic amenities which most of us lacked”

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“We asked to stay alive we asked to stop being killed and how do they respond they turn their guns on us, guns bought with the taxes we pay and killed us even more, shot down our brothers and sisters with impunity”

“Afterwards they sit in their offices, the offices we voted them into, the offices where they took oaths to save our lives and lie to us, they lie to our faces, with no regards for the lives lost at their hands, the lives they ordered to be cut short”

“It is so disheartening to see what’s going on, this is the only place we have to call home and the 20th of October 2020 was a day that will always be marked red in our hearts, on our lands and in history forever”

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“In spite of this, we would like to enjoin every single Nigerian youth and even the adults who didn’t or could not fight in their time  to lend us their voices and their strength, our voices must be heard, and our demands must be met we will not retreat and we will not surrender to the evil and despicable desires of our leaders”

The organization, however said “In these dire times, we are offering counselling, emotional, mental and psychological support to all Nigerians, please feel free to reach out to us on any of our social media platforms, email, telephone number or WhatsApp. To all the people standing with us, thank you and God bless you”

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“We offer our condolences to everyone you has lost someone to this nation may God console you and wipe away your tears. May the souls of all those taken in this nation unjustly rest in peace and may God strengthen the rest of us and give us the fortitude to carry on”

God bless Nigeria.

Please feel free to contact any of our Counsellors on the following numbers:

Ojuolape – +234 706 949 6515

Oluwatobi – +234 703 078 6674

Maria – +447446964162

Email –

Accurate News Nigeria chat

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