House of Reps Hopeful Charge Youths on Knowledge, Dole out 250 Free Jamb Forms

Nigerian youths have been urged to shun temptations to get influenced by the get- rich- quick syndrome and rather give attention to having and sustaining a good name.

They have also been advised to stay away from internet fraud and instead make use of the opportunities internet has offered for intellectual advancement and self-development.

Ekiti/ Isin/ Irepodun / Oke-Ero House of Representatives aspirant, Hon. Olayemi Afolayan-Jejeloye said this during the distribution of the Joint Admission Matriculation Board’s Universal Tertiary Matriculation Examination forms to 250 students in the federal constituency in Oro, Irepodun local government, Kwara state on Wednesday.

Jejeloye is a member of the Accord Party, said recent spate of money ritual killings involving young people in the country had become a source of worry to older Nigerians.

Olayemi, a businessman, urged the beneficiaries to consider the get-rich-quick-syndrome as distasteful warning that those who had gotten involved in such an illegal activity would though live big for a short period of time but would in most cases not have good endings.

He also emphasized the importance of education which he called the bedrock of every society while asking the beneficiaries and other young people in the country to build a strong foundation for their future.

‘Even the Bible says ‘when the foundation is faulty, there’s nothing the righteous can do’, and you are the foundation for the future. So, if the foundation is not educated, not exposed, and not solid, then the future of this country is bleak.

“I want to, first of all, thank you all for even seeking a better future for yourselves because it is one thing for a good future to be provided and another thing for one to utilize the available opportunity”

“I thank you because you have not decided to get involved in hooliganism, cultism and fraud. I thank you because you have chosen the right path and you have shown readiness and interest in education”

“I want to assure you today that there is nothing you can become in life without education. Education is the foundation that you need for a better tomorrow. Everything I have gotten today is through Divine support and it was also because I’m educated and hardworking”

“The internet fraudsters that you are seeing around, today, driving the latest cars and using things in vogue just don’t believe that they have achieved it all because that is not where life ends”

“No. There is no future in anything that is not legitimate. It is only for a while and like the flower that blossoms in the morning and withers at night, that is how they will also wither away . A good name is more valuable than riches” he said.

Hon. Olayemi Afolayan-Jejeloye presenting free jamb form and food package to one of the beneficiaries

Hon Olayemi Afolayan-Jejeloye also announced plans to reward candidates who earn top scores among the 250 beneficiaries in each of the four local governments in the federal constituency while the top-scorer in the examination among them will be offered scholarship.

“I am promising that the three top scorers in each of the four local governments; Irepodun, Isin, Ekiti and Oke-Ero will be rewarded while the top scorer in the examination will get a fully-funded scholarship that will see him or her into university”

Also, you know we are in the computer age and everything now is being computerized and your examination is going to be computer- based. The second and the third top scorers in the examination among you will get a laptop each’ he added.

While taking questions from journalists Hon Olayemi Afolayan Jejeloye also gave his take on the recently signed electoral amendment bill.

‘Well, I think it’s a very good development because you know the journey of a thousand miles starts from a step and if you have studied that document you would see that there are a lot of new things that will help to improve the effectiveness and transparency of election process in the country ahead of the 2023 general election.

Though many people had described the 12 June 1993 presidential election as the fairest in the country but I can tell you that based on the signing of this electoral bill and the fact that almost everything will now be done through the use of technology, the coming General Election will be fairer than the aforementioned presidential election.

You’ll see that it will be one of the fairest in this country. The electoral bill is a welcome development, it is really a good development’ he said.

Jejeloye also gave reasons for joining the Accord Party rather than the ruling APC or the former ruling party-the PDP.

‘Well, naturally, most politicians would want to go to a ruling party or the leading opposition party. But you know times are changing, we are young people and we want to come out and take what is ours. The people that are there right now, they have been there before I was born. Buhari was the president of this country when I was still in nursery school and now he is still the president of this country.

There is this common saying among Yoruba people that ‘omode iwoyi ni o mo eworo iwoyi le’ .

These men ought to have been retired. The world is changing drastically. But I realized that these are the people that are still controlling these mainstream parties.

For instance, the otoge movement in Kwara state was based on breaking the back of godfatherism in this state. And this is what we are saying; these godfathers still somewhat remain in these parties. They are still controlling things in the country and we have decided to join parties that are youth -oriented, that are created for the young people and where there is freedom of expression. In the Accord Party, I have been given all the needed freedom to express myself. I have been given the freedom to bring in new ideas. I have been given the freedom to gather people of my age group to get things done and that is the kind of place I want to be. I don’t want to be in a place where someone in his 60s, 70s or 80s will be our chairman and he is bringing in archaic ideas into how to rule this country’ he said.

Olayemi’s father, Chief Olu Afolayan Jejeloye, a Barrister at law, also in an interview with journalists emphasized the importance of education while disclosing reasons for his son’s decision to go into politics.

‘Education is gateway to success in life. If you’re not educated you are on the wrong side. Even if you want to be a mechanic, you have to be educated. Most tailors now are graduates. The era of illiterates becoming successful mechanics is gone because they will not make the trade feature dynamism.

But when you have educated people on board, they will bring dynamism into it. If he can start doing this with his own money then you can imagine what he is going to do if he eventually gets elected’ he said.

‘ His involvement in politics was not at my instance. He has made up his mind and he has actually prepared himself for it. All I needed to do was just to pray for him.

I had also posed questions to him; why are you going into politics? I had asked him.

He gave me three cogent reasons; firstly, he said that our federal constituency has not had it good, that people that have gotten opportunity to represent us have done nothing for us. No good roads, no development, nothing. He added that all we have been doing were through self- effort.

Secondly, he said that he wants to prove to people in our constituency that not everybody going into politics will go there to steal. He noted that God has blessed him and that whatever he has would be used for the welfare of our people.

He said if he should use his personal money to start a road project but unable to complete it, no one would question him because it’s his money.

However , if he holds appointive or elective office and he does that, the people would have the right to question him and he would be made accountable to them.

Thirdly, he said there are so many poor children that could not afford to go to school, that he wants to help them. At that point, all I could do was to bless him. All I can continue to do is to pray for him. I have no penny in all that he is doing so that people will not have the wrong impression that it’s his father that is sponsoring him. What is happening now is just like a film show to me’ Chief Jejeloye, a retired Assistant Comptroller of Customs, added.

One of the beneficiaries; Adefila Peace Boluwatife, commended Jejeloye for the support given them in the pursuit of academic interests.

“This will serve as a platform for me to go to the university so that I can fulfill my dream. My dream is to become a medical doctor. I am very grateful for this support I am very happy” she said.

“am happy with what I have seen today because I did not believe it when my friends told me about it. I want to become a mechanical engineer and with this, my ambition is going to be fulfilled” another beneficiary, Adebomi Michael, also said.

A beneficiary, Ishola Faith noted that she had though heard about such programmes before now but has however never attended any.

“This will make me move forward in the pursuit of my academic interests and I’m so happy for being a beneficiary. I am delighted about this and my parents are also happy and grateful” she submitted.

The beneficiaries also got food parcels.

The event was attended by the Kwara state Chairman of the Accord Party, Alhaji Salihu Saka, the state Publicity Secretary, Mallam Abdulrasheed Oloyin, Hon Olayemi Jejeloye’s parents; Mr. and Mrs. Jejeloye, Mr Musa Okanlawon , Mr. Taiwo Idowu and other dignitaries

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