Liverpool Boss, heaps praises on Rashford Says he respect his kindness

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The latest person to applauded Manchester United terrific player, Marcus Rashford over free school meals gesture is a coach of Liverpool Football Club, Jurgen Klopp.

Klopp, who said he could not respect Rashford more for his kindness and humanitarian services that forced the British Government to U-turn on their policy.

He, said Manchester United star showed “a person can change important things when the desire is there”

Liverpool coach says “Rashford’s campaign on free school meals was ‘unbelievable’ and admits he respects him for convincing the Government to U-turn on their policy”

The Manchester United star won the hearts of the British Government after writing to the Government in a plea to ensure children would continue to receive free school meal vouchers throughout the summer and invested £120m in support of it.

The Department of Education initially said they would not carry on the scheme, set up over the coronavirus pandemic before prime minister Boris Johnson stepped in to resume the Covid Summer Food Fund.

Klopp feels Rashford displayed how powerful a footballer’s voice can be with his drive to help school children, with 1.3million youngsters set to be given vouchers over the course of the summer. 

Speaking to Sky Sports ahead of Liverpool’s first game of the restart against rivals Everton, he said: ‘Marcus Rashford, I have to say, I couldn’t respect more what you did – it’s unbelievable.

‘It’s a bit of a shame you had to do it, but still unbelievable that you did it. It really shows that a person – not alone – but with his name and his effort can change really important things. We are all part of society and we are all involved in that.’

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