Terrorist Asks Zamfara Govt to Pay N30m Over Alleged Killing of Relations or He’ll Kill 300, As Another Bandits Group Demands 2m for Each abductee in Niger

Nasanda, a terrorists king pin in Zamfara State has issued a 14 day ultimatum to the State Government to pay him N30 million as compensation for the alleged killing of his wife and two relations. 

He threatened to kill 300 people if his demand was not met. Nasanda had claimed that his bride, uncle and aunt were killed by some vigilante men in the state.

In a recorded audio message trending on social media, Nasanda said the murder of his bride, her uncle and aunt was deliberate.

He alleged that the vigilante men knew that the dead were related to him. In the audio message, he said that he has been realistic and not greedy in asking for the N30 million compensation.

“If I am  greedy, I would have asked for N50 million per person,” he said.

According to him, ” I’m not giving months, but 14 days, for my demands to be met. And we will not attack until when people are on their farms. If our Fulani people are not allowed to live in peace, we will also not allow others to live in peace,” he said.

“If the government can’t pay the money, I will do what I am used to. That is I will take the life of 300 people to avenge the death of my bride and two of her relations. Yes, the lives of 900 will be in danger,” he said in the audio recording.

Meanwhile in a similar development, Abductors of some residents of Tapila in Shiroro LGA of Niger state have demanded N2 million as ransom for each of the abducted victims

On Saturday evening, an unconfirmed number of people were abducted along Tapila-Gwada road, an area located in Shiroro LGA of Niger.

The community is a 30-minute drive from Minna, Niger’s capital city.

It was gathered that some residents of Tapila were able to escape shortly after they were abducted.

However, an unconfirmed number of people still remain in the custody of the bandits.

Theresa, a resident of Tapila, told journalists that the gunmen have contacted her niece’s parents and demanded the sum of N2 million.

She said some other families have also been approached with the same demand.

“The bandits have been calling families of those abducted and they are demanding N2 million as ransom,” she said.

“Deborah is a good child and we do not have that amount of money for ransom. Where are we going to get that kind of money from? They are also demanding same amount of money from some families whose loved ones were abducted.

“We are pleading with the authorities to help us rescue my niece and other people abducted by these bandits.”

When contacted, Wasiu Abiodun, spokesman of the Niger state police command, said he would get the details on the development.

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