Police Nabbed Woman With iPhones Stolen From Osun Mall

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A young woman with name Suliya Tajudeen, has narrated how she allegedly stole two iPhones during the looting at a mall in Osun state during recent pandemonium that broke out as result of #ENDSARS protests in the state.

Speaking with newsmen, Suliya said she had an hair appointment at the mall when hoodlums broke in.

While hiding in fright, she said she found two iPhones near her, took them and hid them under her clothes.

“I could not go out because I believed those that came into the premises might injure me, so I hid. When the hoodlums were looting shops, the rest of us hid in different places,” she said.

“The hoodlums were moving from shop to shop, stealing items. They got to a phone shop and looted it. While they were carting away many phones, two iPhones fell near where I was and I picked them up.

“I can’t recognise those people, but they stole a lot of phones. I won’t lie, I took the iPhones and hid them under my clothes and went home.”

On getting home, Suliya said she put SIM cards in the phones but she insisted that her plan was to return them.

“My intention was to return the phone the following day. I had planned to visit my stylist the following day, ”she said.

She explained that she was yet to do so before she was nabbed by the Police Officers through tracking of those phones.

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