Political permutations, intriques that decides EDO 2020 Governorship election

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By Akorede Soremekun

I went, saw and discovered the intriques  that led to the shocking defeat of APC in Edo. The truth is APC candidate lost to “FATE” cabals who had eat fat into our common heritage.

As a Historian and political strategist, I was able to discovered that indeed, Ize-Iyamu lost to “THE FATE” cabals whose interest are all about 2023 Presidential Elections not for the development of the EDO State. The Word “FATE” is an acronym for Fayemi, Amaechi, Tambuwal and El-Rufai. They sit in the APC to actualise their selfish interest above collective interest of the Party. Same things played out in Bayelsa, the main opponent of Lyon David was not Seriake Dickson nor Douye Diri but this FATE cabals who think they must stop Tinubu camp. Indeed they are enemies in the house.

I was surprised that  some people are mocking me because my candidate and Party lost in Edo State.  What  do they want me to  do?  To run amok?  To die? Or change allegiance from being a progressive to conservative. We were all alive when  GEJ lost the Presidential Elections 2014, today GEJ is the Chief Messenger of PMB,  just to spite  OBJ.  We were alive when Dickson’s candidate lost in Bayelsa. He moved on and  a month  later the  court made him to win. However, until Supreme Court final judgement, his Election stand nullified.

2. In Edo, there was ward to ward campaigns and  votes buying  very effective but expensive. Both parties were involved, at last, the highest bidder had the votes. The level of poverty in  Nigeria made people to  sell their votes.  A voter confessed to  BBCNEWS that he got 20k from a PDP canvaser even I can confirmed authoritatively that APC also offered 10k to a voter. It was shocking and pathetic that the polithieves will always have their ways. Nigerians believe much in money and ethno-religious politics at the expense of candidates programmes and manifestoes.   People are not  interested in good governance but immediate gains. I asked a voter in Edo if he did know the programmes and manifestoes of his preferred candidate, I  was taken aback by his comments, “Bros, wetin concern me with manifestoes, I begged once paper to pepper the ground, no be oye Moni” Hmm, Democracy is on destroyed in. Nigeria. Unless someone will reform it.

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I forsee the repeat of Bayelsa Trajetory of Victory. The Obaseki Victory may be short-lived. As done by “FATE” tgat released all documents against BIOBARAKUMA in Bayelsa, so also PDP gave APC all the facts  about  Obaseki’s certificates. His A Level  Certificate is having the same date with his UI degree certificate.  His UI degree certificate seriality is different from that of his mates. The grade in the certificate is different from the copy with the University of Ibadan. But because is a case before the court the Univeraity of Ibadan will not talk unless in the courts.  In 2016, APC survived the  court case  because  PDP filled the case outside the time limit.  But this time around  Wole Olanipekun SAN is leading the case for APC.

* Yes,  stop asking me of what happened. Ask Kayode Fayemi,  Bagudu and Rotimi Amaechi. Gorodomu Giadom is nothing. He was only  used, being  a boy boy of  Rotimi Amaechi. He was used, now waiting attentively to be called for another assignment. Kudos to  Ganduje and others for trying their best. Asiwaju the Generalisimo of Progressive politics staked his Political popularity to safe the Progressive but it was too late as the FATE cabals and the Betrayals have sold all available tickets to their Comrade Obaseki but telling PMB and Party Faithfuls all was well.


The lessons I learnt from Elections observer duty both Bayelsa and Edo have gave me an insight about Nigerian Politicians and Leaders. Yes, am also a Political Activists with Progressive affiliation, but an in-depth analysis of the reality of Political class and “Leaders of Thought” is not in the interest of our collective interest. They think of next Elections and what to gain, hence manipulate the conscience of the followers using the tools of our diversity in tribes, ethnics and religion to enhance and harness their chiefdoms.

Succinctly, I don’t see Nigeria dismembered, all these agitation are all vehicles for negotiation to extend the coast of the Politicians and Leaders of Thought. They dined and wined together in inner rooms but outside to tell their followers different stories. Who lose at last, Nigeria and common  man in the streets and creeks.

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INEC had put up a superlative  performance,  kudos to the  Election Results Portal. Although there were some hiccups caused by overzealous supporters and paid thugs. The Security Agents cannot be  total exonerated from voting  buying, manipulation and violence recorded. As some of them were partisans and compromised.

However, INEC should improve on the success recorded so far in Edo. There is also room for improvement on adoption of e-voting to reduce cost of conducting Elections in Nigeria and INEC should improve on its ICT to prevent hacking.


To my dear PDP friends, Dr. Hysaint and  other “Non-Nigerians in the house, We are watching and waiting for  PDP to give their Presidential ticket to the  Core East.  It was as if Edo is an Igbo State. The igbos mobilised and voted enmassed against APC even the church members of Pastor Ize-Iyamu. When enquired why they were voting against APC, the answer was APC against actualisation of Biafra State, only PDP will ensure their dream of Biafra Republic. What a day dream and politics of deceit to gain power. Na waaaaa oooooo.

I must also comment that the Muslim and Hausa Community voted along ethno-religious sentiment, this is understood because they are minority that feels Marginalised since the creation of Edo State. APC Fielding a Muslim as Deputy Governor gave them hope but still hanging now. An Auchi Muslim Voter told me that he was ready to die to vote for his Muslim brother Audu because since the creation of Edo no Muslim had ever occupied any key positions in Edo Government even the Speaker of Assembly. Hmm, what a country beclouded with primordial interest, then I remembered my “Idol” Prof. Laguda in LASU that says Religion is just a tool of.negotiation by the leaders to manipulate the conscience of their followers for selfish interest. Indeed, God didn’t create man but rather man created God to Lord over fellow man.

The fact still remains, that we can’t do away with these obnoxious sentiment because they are part of Political indices to win an election. The more PDP continue to present APC as Hausa Fulani party, the dangerous for the party to bounce back to power, because with my experience from Bayelsa and Edo Elections, the Hausa-Fulani and the North have of opinion that PDP is against them. Although, it would be an advantage to my Party APC but the fact is it is dangerous for our democracy and National Unity.

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I purposely use the caption APC wins APC to decipher the backdoor dirty politics and betrayal methods adopted by FATE cabals in EDO elections. Prioreptember 19, Election,  the 14  Legislators were not admitted or sworn in into the Assembly, the APC strategists have hinged on them to deliver their constituencies but  they were no where to be found.  We expected angry  protest votes from their constituents. It never happened. A careful study of this scenario revealed “Betrayal Method” it was verified confirmed that “FATE” cabals that includes Oyegun have broker peace with them on behalf of Obaseki all in the name we must disgrace Oshiomole as preclude to 2023. The sideline Wike, Atiku, Fayose and Kwakwazzo. Interestly, the 2023 now began. They turn Nigeria and Nigerians into Chess Game. It now become the more you look the Less you see.

As we approach 2023 I forsee realignment of forces and Political gladiators within APC, APGA, ACCORD and PDP. A new political Party(s) would be formed to install new Sheriff in Aso Rock who may not be Atiku, Wammako, Kwakwazzo, Obi, Wike, Fayose, Fayemi, Onu Ogbonnaya or BAT. They will be known at 4th Elements.


I commend the dexterity and resilience of Edo people to defy all forms of  intimidation and harassment  by all parties that partake in the Elections. No  party can be exonerated from this violent strategy even the smaller party that just want to make name as a platform for negotiation to earn future Political office and appointment. Also, Kudos to the  progressives APC members,  we win some, we lose some. Nigeria must not become  a one party state. Never.

I say a big thank you to those white wished me good luck and safe journey while on National and Party duty in EDO. You are recognized and appreciated. And to those who mocked me for the APC lost, we will meet in Court. It is never over until Supreme Court pronounced. Another Bayelsa Trajectory of Victory loading……..

God bless Nigeria and Patriotic Nigerians.

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