Sheik Gumi is Wasting his time by negotiating with bandits Says Gov El-Rufai, calls for coordinated attack on bandits hideouts


    Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai has said the peace deal embarking on by the renowned, Islamic scholar, Sheik Ahmad Gumi is wasting of time.

    El-rufai, expressed this while speaking with the BBC Hausa service on Monday, said that he did not believe in negotiating with the bandits.

    According to him, these were people who before now sold a cow and pocketed N100,000 but now they collect millions of naira as ransom for kidnapping a single person. He wondered how they would go back to their normal life and agree to a peace deal.

    He also said lack of unity among the governors to deal with banditry, kidnapping and other related crimes are reasons why the crime could not be control.

    He stressed that what was needed now is a strong coordinated fight to end their criminal activities not negotiations.

    “A Fulani herdsman that was used to only getting a hundred thousand naira in a year, after selling a cow, but now obtains millions of naira from ransom for kidnapping will ever stop.”

    “Sheikh Gumi is my friend. What we discussed about the herdsmen was different from what he is doing now,” said El-rufai.

    “And I believe anyone that tells me the approach is realistic, I will not subscribe to it. He is only deceiving himself and wasting his time; they will not stop.”

    The governor argued that the criminal herdsmen that kill hundreds of people, burn people’s houses and properties don’t deserve any compensation.

    “I want a situation where security will launch a coordinated war against them by going into the forests and bomb their hideouts once and for all. If not, any short of that will not end the current security situation,” he said.

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