WhatsApp introduces way to help users detect fake news

 WhatsApp introduces way to help users detect fake news

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WhatsApp has introduced a way to help users of its messaging application detect a fake news and it is called ‘Search the web;’ this would allows users that have been sent a particular link to quickly find information about such link from the web.

In an example, WhatsApp also showed a link someone had been sent; that claimed that drinking boiled garlic water would cure COVID-19.

The recipient, however, can now press the magnifying glass button to search for information about the link. In the example, the user is also shown web results from fact-checking websites that prove the claim is false.

The new feature, meanwhile, is part of a wider drive by WhatsApp to curb fake news from spreading on its platform, especially to help users quickly verify information at this period of COVID-19 pandemic that is ravaging the world.

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