Labour Party Calls for Arrest, prosecution of Buhari aide, Femi Adesina

Labour Party, LP, has called on the Inspector-General of Police to immediately order the arrest and prosecution of the Senior Special Adviser to the President on media Mr Femi Adesina over a treason statement that could lead to a breach of peace and stability in the country.

The call was made by the national chairman of the party, Bar. Julius Abure, via a press statement.

The statement read in part;

“Our party attention was drawn to a pedestrian vexatious statement credited to the Senior Special Adviser to the President on media Mr Femi Adesina, where he claimed that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has given itself away as being interested only in the destabilization of the country, peradventure it could then sneak its way back to power.

“The self-appointed illegal spokesperson of the Department of State Service (DSS) recklessly went further that “Less than 24 hours after the Department of State Services (DSS) raised alarm about sinister plots by some elements to cause disorder in the land, using the energy crisis as a smokescreen, the PDP stated that the party fears Nigeria situation is getting to a boiling point and can trigger a nationwide agitation that might be worse than the October 2020 EndSARS if not addressed immediately.

“Femi Adesina, concluded that no patriotic political party or organization ever threatens its country with anarchy, social upheaval and disorderliness, except one still smarting from its snout being yanked from the honeypot, as happened to PDP in 2015?

“Our party is clearly and very positively convinced since along while back that the APC led Government has been glued to the irreversible path of self-destruction. It would have been no concern for us in Labour Party but for the attendant consequences of its ruinous chosen ways to the Nation.

“Labour party out of our respect and commitment to the non-negotiable unity of our dear country hereby calling on the Inspection General of police to arrest and Prosecute Mr Femi Adesina for treason and actions likely to cause a breach of peace and wishful public incident.

“The felonious Femi Adesina came up to accuse the both the PDP and NLC of intentions to destabilize the Nation using the striking Doctors and the now sitting at home students by laying an explicit emphasis on the allegation that the planned promotion of chaos by the PDP an opposition Political party is to enable it to sneak back into power.

“First, it is very demeaning for the striking Doctors to be equated with street urchins and thugs by Femi Adesina and also his accusation bleeds of intention to blackmail PDP and other Opposition Political parties. Trying to bend the minds of the public by Femi to render them frightened and agitated is far much more closely inclined to public incitement.

“This is a familiar and naked scheme which is not original to the APC, it is path that was grown and so much treaded by the PDP to attempt at intimidating and caging the active part in opposition Parties as we get nearer to 2023. This attempt at trying to blackmail Political parties in the opposition is as familiar as the Sun in the sky. It is unchanged and so similar to the same pattern grown and perfected by PDP .

“The main drive of this scheme is to steps wrongly and falsely accuse the opposition Parties of all kinds of varied felonious allegations to keep blackmailing and arresting the visible members and the Candidates in the opposition to sustain the harassment.

“The PDP is simply being framed up for performing its Constitutional duty as an opposition Party. The Party merely made public its fears of a likely violent reaction of the people over the worsening and the precarious social and economic condition that the APC Government continues to visit on the people, the APC through its confused, warped, unfocused and seriously inefficient Governance has insensitively kept loading on Citizens.

“The Labour Party as an opposition like PDP is fully empowered by the Constitution to criticize and offer refrains to the ruling Government which the party discharged Constitutionally.

“Femi Adesina by his unethical and despicable cries of ‘wolves’ where there is none and against the call of his duties far more put stability in the system under big threat. Why should Femi Adesina consciously and deliberately turn himself into the voice of DSS ?.

“This is deeper than being considered by many . Adesina is the loud and the willing face of evil that is threatening to emerge from the box of official rascality APC to create a situation that will enable it to unleash on the opposition serial and recycled arms of harassment on the opposition.

“We remember that President Buhari at a time threatened to make Nigeria ungovernable, also we remember when an individual APC visible leader attempted on the National Television viewed worldwide to render the 2019 Federal election inconclusive with a frightening, violent and intimidating violence.

“Labour Party is here urging the Inspector General of Police to right now act and move to prevent this emerging official rascality of APC and thus safe the Nation the agony of another round of political crisis.

“We as Nigerians knows that the APC has become burnt and lifeless, this was how it was with its other twin Party that it shares the dead political genes with, the PDP when Nigeria woke up to send it out of Governance.

“Nigeria must now be convinced that both APC and PDP are the enemies of the Nation and her people. Both of these Parties are dangerous and should be rejected by the Voters in 2023 at the polls.

“Both APC and PDP are unelectable. It will be a very great error for people to even be members of these two.

“Today in Nigeria as a result of the very bad Governance of both APC and PDP in the last 23 years, there is no gainful employment, no affordable house and food, no fuel, no energy, worse still, insecurity has become standard and synonymous with Nigeria, there are no good roads and inflation has become a Nigerian, high and beyond control. In plain fact nothing works in the Nation. What else besides all of these are potential for destabilization at the moment in the Country ?.

“It is only when a ruling Government is conquered by challenges and it is lacking in initiatives to confront same that it begins to look for ways that are foul, vile and unconstitutional to create division and strives within the people, strongly focusing on how to encourage illegal schemes with the sole aim of retaining power.

“Consider this, on the very same day that the President announced its intention to buy a 20% share in the oil firm of Dangote for a frightening sum of $2.6bn is the day in far away from America that an oil firm of equal size and the same value and production capacity is being bought in its entirety for the same sum of $2.6bn .

“Can it be worse, why must Nigeria allow itself to be saddled with a Government that has been running our Country Administration on a perpetual autopilot since 2015 which ultimately slide Nigeria as the poverty capital of the world.

“Why do these two- in – one APC and PDP Governments remain unchanged and unrepentant but hardened into criminally robbing the Commonwealth at every turn ?. See, a Government that perfects this scam, is selfish enough that it’s only the collective interests of functionaries that are pursued at all times at the expense of the common masses?

“Deceptively and insincerely injecting a whopping sum of $2.6bn into just Dangote alone at an unforgivable expense of other pressing crucial demands in the various sectors of the National economy , it is too much close to treason.

“Meanwhile, this is at a time when the same Government has promoted and sustained poverty to become as usual, normal and common to a far larger percentage of the population. Should a party like this be considered electable ? .

“Of course, it is not in doubt that APC is simply following the steps of its twin the PDP who laid and perfected the business of blind and wicked robbery in Government for a long 16 years.

“On the operations of NNPC, it is rather much more than secretive with no audited financial reports in the last 23 years.

“Further more, consider this, between the APC and PDP, a cult – like a secret set of Contracts have been in existence in respect of the supply of electricity to the Nation.

“This was originally signed on behalf of Nigeria by PDP Government. It is the same set of Contracts that the APC Government claims it can not alter or revoke, yet no one outside both political parties has any inkling of what the provisions in the Contracts entail. Ditto with the Oil Importers that have almost strangled lives out of Nigerians,no one outside the ruling Government has any idea of what the conditions of engagement are between the Oil Importers and the Government but it is Nigerians that are suffering the attendant consequences of the arrangements that are not working.

“Labour Party as a political party with integrity operates on Equity and Justice, it is quite very much more responsible and far much better placed to earn the trust of Nigerians as it promises to return transparency into the affairs of Governance in the Nation.

“That the APC and PDP are today exposing the ills that are common to both of them in running and ruling as Chiefs in the business of blindly robbing the State is proof that Karma is real.

“Labour Party boldly and confidently urges Nigerians and the electorate, in particular, to immediately begin to accept, support, promote and vote Labour Party as the most proper, most qualified, most fit, deserving the most peaceful and most capable political Party known and acknowledged to be extremely rooted in Equity and Justice in all affairs.

Labour Party is a Party that has been very consistent in the demonstration of high proficiency in promoting and defending the collective interests of the people at all times.

“Thus since it is very much settled that it can neither be APC nor PDP, then the only fit and the truly electable alternative is the LABOUR PARTY.

“Labour Party hereby extend a 7days ultimatum to the Inspector General of Police to arrest and Prosecute President BUHARI Senior Special Adviser Mr Femi Adesina for Treasonable felony failure which we will be left with no option than to seek an order of Mandamus in a competent court of jurisdiction against the IGP”

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