Kwara residents urges to register in on-going Health Insurance Scheme exercise

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Residents of kwara state has been urged to take advantage of the ongoing registration of the people into the mandatory Health Insurance Scheme of the state government.

The call was made by the Executive Secretary of the agency Dr Olubumi Jetawo-Winter in Ilorin on Monday  while addressing the journalists about the efforts of the agency in getting reasonable numbers of people registered for the scheme, most especially, people in informal sector.

The agency boss, said that the scheme is targeted largely at making healthcare services affordable to the vast majority of Kwarans.

She further explained that 200 enumerators, 32 supervisors and two separate companies had been engaged to oversee the ongoing registration of beneficiaries, added that 59 healthcare facilities, out of 200 already inspected, had been accredited for the programme.

According to her “our plans is to capture no fewer than 3.2 million residents
of the state in our database for the provision of healthcare services”

“So far we are in the third week of the 12
weeks of the registration exercise and we have already captured over
100,000 registration data. We are hoping that by the week 12 which is
early next year we should have captured a good number of the Kwara

“The benefit package ranges from simple ailments like cold, malaria and it goes on to secondary services like surgeries, childbirth, antenatal etc”

“As a result of the launch, we now have indigent who never had access to
healthcare going through surgeries, we have had a couple of childbirths under the scheme. All these were 100 percent subsidized for the beneficiaries” she said.

She added that registration is ongoing across all the193 wards of the 16 local government areas of the state.

“For the purpose of the health insurance, we have divided the population into three segments. Segment one involves the indigent people and those people are 100 percent subsidized by the state

government through the equity fund that is derived from the one percent consolidated revenue fund that comes from the state once a year”

“The second segment of the population is the informal sector. The premium of the people in this category has been put at N6,000 per person per year. The premiums are not arbitrary figures. They were scientifically determined putting all our health risks into a basket and determining the cost of providing such healthcare per year”

“The third segment is the formal sector. This sector is actually divided into two parts, namely public and private sectors. The premium is N9,000 per annum per year. “


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